Latin America Stamps

CHILE 1911 Freire 10c gray & bk INVERTED CENTER Yv#90b (Sc 102a) mint MH RR Plié bowed Bulls Eye -Brazil Stamp 1843 Mic 1 Sn 1 Yvert 1 RHM 1- folded Stamps 1cuba Scott #2 1855 Mint Block Of 4 Og Rare Peru Fifa World Cup Russia 2018 Complete Set Stamps, Souvenir Sheets & Postcards ARGENTINA #17P3//54P3 (13) DIFF ABNCo PLATE PROOFS ON INDIA XF-S EX-GREEN HV5316 Colombia Sc#c83-c95 M/H/VF, Stolow Signed, Some Adhesions On Gum, 80c Has Thin Panama Specimen Blocks American Banknote Balboa Cordoba Arosemena Obaldia 1909 Early Salvador 1860's& Up Unused Used Hinged Over 200 Stamps 5 Album Pages Col Uae08 Mexico 1922 air mail Sanabria # 3 color samples overprint MUESTRA MNH Brazilian 1913 Hermes da Fonseca RHM O14-29 Michel D14-29 Yvert S14-29 no defect Uruguay 1000 DIFFERENT stamps used & mint COLLECTION high catalogue value $$ 568 Spanish Public School Warranties Mexico stampless Franco en Ocampo on letter to Guadalajara 1910 Colombia Sc # 331a CENTER INVERTED UNUSED, NO GUM INVERTIDO ERROR VARIETY O 1910 Guatemala, Imperforate Plate Proof Unissued, Proof Of The Centre Vigne URUGUAY Sc#218 ROULETTED USED X RARE With CERTIFICATE STATUE OF LIBERTY LIGHTHOUSE Colombia Panama Map 1891 Cover To Guatemala Brasilien Brasil Brazil ATM 6 R$ 0,24 Error value MNH Klussendorf 2005 Sheet Memin Pinguin Stamps Mexico Controversial Original Item Full Sheet Mexico Scott# 740-45, C85-90, 16th Int. Congress of Planning & Housing, MNH ARGENTINA 1897 Specimen Stationery Carles Muestra Book(59 Cards+15 Stamps) Col10 COSTA RICA 1940 AIRMAIL Duran Sanatorium overprinted set Sc# C46-C54 mint MH CHILE 1913 Bulnes 20c INVERTED CENTER on cover to Peru X-RARE Chile, Unissued Stamp, Banned Design Only One Sheet Escape Of The Destruction Uaz02 MEXICO EXPORTA, specialized BLOCKS/4 album, ALL 325 MNH stamps included Mexico Nueva España 1772 complete Book! Correo Maritimo. Show piece Brazil 1876 RARE Emperor Dom Pedro II BROKEM plate blotchy COSTA RICA 1885 GUANACASTE Gen. P Fernandez 1c green Sc# 35 mint cv $3000 Rare Brazil 1843 #1 Bulls Eye Mint No Gum, Genuine Excellent Condition Rare $4250 URUGUAY #39P3//43AP3 +5 REVENUE ABNCo PLATE PROOFS ON INDIA EX-GREEN XF-S HV5291 True Adjunct Tales Ep3 BRAZIL 1843 #2 Used FVF (1219c) PERU 1862 Coat of Arms 1d red EMBOSSED ARMS SIDEWAYS var Sc#12a x2 used on piece Guatemala 1881 Set Quetzal block4+, Special proof probable, mint, EBG001 Mexico Antique Stamp Revenue Collection of 800 Us Admin 1935-1954 Alcohol Issues Imperf Un-severed Strip/3 (12 Diff.) Hv354 Argentina Buenos Aires. SOBRE 11. 1863. 2 pesos azul (impresión nítida), borde Us Admin #519 // #528 (10) Imperf Proofs On Card Most In Issued Color Hv312 GUYANA Very interesting collection of all only Commercial mail. A total of 245 EARLY 1870`s AND UP 1CUBA 226 STAMPS LOT COLLECTION ALBUM PAGES UNUSED USED Mexico 134(3) Veracruz 382 on 1882 cover to Portugal Vintage Brazil 1843 Fine Copy Scott # 1 $ 700 Lot # Bra1843b1 NICARAGUA #4P3 PLATE PROOF ON INDIA PAPER XF-SUPERB ABNCo. (EX-GREEN) BQ3991 ECUADOR ABNCo REVENUE (14) DIFF LRG DIE ESSAYS ON INDIA SUNK ON CARD BR2661 HSFP 1876, 1Schilling Breitrand, sehr schöner Brief, kompl. Inhalt n. British Honduras URUGUAY 1856 CARRIED DILIGENCIA Sc 1-3 SET Forgeries Hoffman Tp A UNSD (CV$1350) GUATEMALA-Collection of 481 stamps Cat. Val. $800.00 Collecting Guatemala Stamps Video 1 ARGENTINA 1899 5p, 10p, 20p Liberty Sheets of 25 Muestra Specimens (OV3805) GUATEMALA #16P3,35P3,62P3 ABNCo PLATE PROOFS ON INDIA XF-SUPERB EX-GREEN HV5281 MEXICO 1895. Scott #O20 Very Fresh. Very Fine, Mint Original Gum. Cat $200.00 BRAZIL 1843 Bull's Eye 90r Olho-de-boi Very Fine VINTAGE COLOMBIA 1935 OG NH SCOTT 421-436 $1850 EST LOT # 7777a NUMBER #1's Worldwide Brazil Penny Black China USA Stamp Collection INVESTMENT My Trip In South America Bolivia Sc C24-C26 MLH. 1930 Zeppelin ovpts on 1928 Air Post BRAZIL 1843 Bull's Eye 60r Olho-de-boi Zeppelin Sieger 60D 1930 South America flight with Bolivia franking to England Südgeorgien 1963 South Georgia 9-23 postfrisch, Wal Tiere Freimarken MEXICO Beautiful & Scarce Stampless collection of 16 items. Many Better PANAMA XF-SUPERB (7) DIFF. ABNCo REVENUE PLATE PROOFS ON INDIA (EX-GREEN) HV5320 Spanish Antilles Imperfs & Perf Issues 1855-75 Used 21 items Pa062 Mexico Arquite MNH paper 2 Sc#C212 Mc#1028A Et#aa062 horizontal wmk Mexico, 1899, Scott#292-303, set of PROOFS, MH A Brazil Bahia 1888, 50r, To Copenhague, Xf Buenos Aires Vlog Day 2 Parque 3 De Febrero Children S Museum Koreatown How To Make Fake Bills Look Real CHILE 1905 COLUMBUS 20c ABNC DIE PROOF on hard card paper BRAZIL STAMP BLOCK SC# C47a VF NH CORNER BLOCK GOOD WMK VARIETY RV$ 900